8 Tips for clash royale players

Super cell has launched a mind-blowing game for the players, its clash royale. This strategic game is bringing great interest to the players. Whether a player is the beginner or is a hardcore player, tips and tricks are something that can take a level up to their game. Therefore, you must know few tips of the game.

An overview of game

The game begins on a battlefield where two towers are located facing each other. The player is the master of the tower and has troops to fight with another one. A player needs some premium currency to boost their troops, get cards and many more. The common resource in this game is gems and gold. They are used to purchase cards.

Clash royale tips

You need few tips to become a winner in the game.

Balance your deckDeck having fragile range fighters and scrappers are not good enough for you. Your deck must have various units that can counter attacks. You need splash damage units, tanks, and long distance weapons. You should also have the variety of cards.

Units that attack towersThe game consists of few units that are specially designed to attack towers. Some of them are very powerful like river leaping hog rider. A special unit focuses on the target and does not get distracted by the other units, and thus they are the essential ones in the game.

Pair unitsNever use units in solo, pair them with others. Make stronger combinations to attack the target more effectively. For example, you can pair the hog riders with fire spirits, ice spirits or goblins.

Use spellsDuring the attack, you can boost the troops using spells. For example, you can stop the troops of your opponent for few seconds with freeze spells. So use the correct spells during an attack.

Use swarmsKey to winning clash royale is elixir trades. You can defeat the opponents by using the cards having lower values. Swarms power up the goblins and skeleton, and it can help in defeating mini P.E.K.K.A.

Take timePlayers often jump into battles without thinking a much. Wait for some time, let elixir build and look what opponent is doing. Don’t use the cards early, wait for the right time. If you have powerful cards, then try them. You need a strategy to win the game, so carefully understand the tricks of an opponent and then make your move. One trick would be to use the clash royale hack new, which can give you free gems to unlock every card in-game.

Distract enemy troopsYou can distract the enemies. If they move towards your powerful tower, then distract them by dropping a cheat unit in the middle of the field.

Don’t get greedyDon’t get greedy after your first win. Don’t risk other towers to win more crowns. The exception is when you have the less powerful opponent, however, don’t underestimate the other players. Wait and learn about their strategy before you destroy their towers. Defend your tower more than attacks on others.

So, players hope you like these tips to win clash royale. Try them and enjoy. Learn more tricks and have a good strategy to win crowns. All the best for your next game!

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