How To Build A Powerful Deck In Clash Royale

Clash Royale is an amazing game of new era and this game is popular for its battle theme. Everyone can play this game just with the help of a Smartphone. This game requires a little of configuration to be played on your device. If you are using an Apple device then the IOS version must be upper than IOS 7.0. You can still play this game with IOS 7.0 but upgraded version will be best. This game is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch but make sure to upgrade you IOS version if the game doesn’t work. On the other hand, if you are an Android user then your device must be working on 4.0.3 or later version. Clash Royale is rated as 7+ here because it has mild violence but if you are playing it on Apple then you must be 9+. It is free to play game but if you are willing to purchase the in-app products then you can spend money on it. Most of the people don’t spend money on purchase of virtual currency because the virtual currency doesn’t last long. Instead of purchasing it, you can generate it with the help of clash royale cheats.

What Expert Says About Good Strategy?

The thing is; all the expert advice to use the generator because these can provide you infinite resources to play this game with ease. When you have unlimited resources then you can buy everything which is important in the game. You have to visit the official website of the tool and here, you can see the option of filling your username and device detail which will be enough. Click on generate and decide the no. of coins and gems you want for yourself. Click on continue and you are done with getting unlimited resources so the thing which you have to do is to reopen the game. You can visit the official website of the tool in Smartphone because this tool is compatible with every Smartphone which is able to play this game. The last thing which comes in mind is that “how safe this tool is?” Well, this tool is completely safe because this has anti-ban feature which protects you by providing a firewall for your account.  Now, use all these resources and buy cards which are important to you. You can keep all the cards even you don’t need many.

How To Spend Resources?

Use clash royale free gems to purchase cards and coins for upgrading it. Now keep on upgrading the level with it. You can boost the speed by the gem. Now you can use all the cards to create an awesome strategy for yourself.  Now you can stock up elixir and you can make good elixir trade-offs. You can prepare duo troops and here you will be needed lots of elixirs. This is the best way of attacking crown tower. You can place your giant card to distract your enemy. When your enemy will be dealing with giant then you can also destroy the crown tower.  If the enemy is using skeleton army then this is really troublesome situation because in this condition you can do only one thing and that is to act quickly. The skeleton can destroy your mini P.E.K.K.A Duo and giant easily. The only thing which you can do in this situation is to use Zap spell or drag arrows. You can follow the duo with Zap spell. You have to do this only and only when the skeleton army is large.

You can make a striking army as well as you can create a safe wall by placing a troop on the crown tower. Yes, this way you can protect the troop army and the crown tower will act like a wall to the enemy. There are many card tips which you can use to block the enemy attack or defend yourself from the enemy.

  • If the enemy is attacking with the balloon then you can use minions or baby dragon to protect yourself. If you don’t have these cards then don’t worry because musketeer can be helpful in this condition. If you tried minion hordes then this can be trouble for you because the enemy can counter these with arrows.

As you know the skeleton army can be destroyed with Zap spell. The good thing about using zap spell is that you have to spend only 2 elixirs for it. The Zap spell can cause more threaten to the enemy army.

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