How to Make Money on Runescape

Many people lately, especially new players, have been having some difficulties with making money on Runescape. However, it is easy, even for newcomers.
First of all, if you want to get your attack and strength up, you would want to head over to the chicken’s North of the Goblin house right outside Lumbridge Castle. It’s very easy to find if you keep on the road, so don’t worry. Anyways, chickens drop ‘feathers’, which you can easily sell at the Grand Exchange,(in Varrock). They go for about 6-8 gp each. So what you would want to do is build up your inventory of them, (they stack, so no need to run to the bank) and then when you have about 2,000 or 3,000, head to Varrock and sell them. Keep on doing that until you feel your strong enough to take on Cows. For more information on this, you  should learn about Dungeoneering from

Cows DO hit you, so you might need food unless your defence is high. Cows drop cowhides, which are used for crafting, so they are easily sell-able. You can also take the meat from the cows, make a fire, and cook it, and use that meat for food. That is what you mainly want to do for money making until yu get a little more money, or you become a member.

Now I will describe some member money making ways. First, there’s a thing called Flax, which is used to make Bowstrings, so you would be better off to head to Seer’s Village, (long walk, unless you have the magic level to teleport there) and pick about 2,000 to 3,000 flax a run, so that would be about 156,000 to 234,000 a sell. They are currently selling for 78 gp (gold pieces) each.

Bowstrings are at 180 gp each, or so, so if you have the crafting level, (5) to make them, do that!
Finally, if you have ATLEAST 200k,(200,000) buy Green Dragon-hide. But only buy about 100 if you have that little money. Then you need to go to Al Kharid, (the desert area), bank the hides, take out 20gp for each hide, then go to the tannery with a full inventory of hides and money for them, and get them tanned, and you make about 70 gp each hide, which is considerably good, but requires money to start with. If you want to, you could also kill Green Dragons, (easy to kill) in the wilderness, and then sell both the bones and dragon-hides, which you could make good money off of.

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